"To succeed today and in the future, America’s children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative. The best way to foster that creativity is through arts education.”

Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education



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The ASCAP Foundation
Songwriting/Composition Class 2015

Since 1980, St. John School of the Arts (SJSA), a non-profit community arts school, has been dedicated to offering children and adults in the community the opportunity to receive the highest quality of instruction in arts education, encompassing dance, music, theater and art.

Through a curriculum of private lessons, group classes, in-school curriculum and multi-cultural and educational programs, it is our goal to help each student reach his/her artistic potential in a supportive and nurturing environment, extending services to various populations including special needs, and underserved and at risk youth.



Dance gives us a way to exercise, but more importantly, to express our soul.  When we move we are exploring physicality, spirituality and emotions by expressing ourselves through a new language.  SJSA offers classes in creative movement, contemporary dance, ballet, tap, blissful baby, joyful child, hip hop and tumbling.


Music creates a memory of life.  We associate our life’s journey with the music in that time and space.  Music is an incredible source to have in early life as part of developing the whole person.  SJSA offers classes in drumming, music circle, keyboard, violin and choir as well as individual instruction in piano, guitar and violin.


Art is inherent in all of us whether we use crayons or oils, recycled materials or canvas, art plays an important role in life.  It has been a successful tool in helping people overcome fears and inabilities as well as boosting self-esteem and confidence.  SJSA offers classes and individual instruction in drawing, FiberArt, oil painting, portraiture and fashion design.


Acting is a great tool for students to experience different characteristics of people, their emotions and attitudes.  For some, it is therapeutic and a way to express their own feelings and alter them or understand how others act and react.  SJSA offers classes in acting for stage, TV, film and radio.