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The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund
The ASCAP Foundation, a publicly supported charitable organization. The ASCAP Foundation was named the final beneficiary of all of Irving Caesar’s assets (copyrights), including those held under his lifetime trust and those retained in his wholly owned publishing company as well as his memorabilia.

The ASCAP Foundation supports programs designed to ensure the preservation of the great Caesar legacy. These efforts include music education and musical theater programs in Irving Caesar’s name with the goal of providing enjoyable and meaningful music experience for young people with an emphasis on the economically disadvantaged.

In School Songwriting & Composition January 15 – May 30, 2014
St. John School of the Arts launched its first Songwriting & Composition Class in January 2014. It was offered to Julius E. Sprauve School sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students this year. Each week, students spent 45 minutes with St. John School of the Arts instructor Luba Dolgopolsky, a singer, songwriter and pianist. St. John musician Laurie Keefe also supported instruction. An artist in residence, professional musician and songwriter Terrie Roche, who has been an active performance and recording artist since the mid-1970’s, spent a week of intensive training each day with the students in March.
The students wrote their own songs and performed for the Julius E. Sprauve School student body.

From this program, Lion’Ess Bruce, Jack Jones, and Trystien Pierre are invited to St. John School of the Arts Music Ensemble class for 2014-2015 school year. They displayed focus, talent and aspiration.

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