Financial Assistance

SJSA has established The Ruth ‘Sis’ Frank Financial Assistance Fund for those students who wish to take classes at the Arts School but cannot afford the tuition. Applications are due at the time of registration along with a current tax return. Students who are given assistance must adhere to guidelines and responsibilities during the year to continue in this program.

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Performance Merit Scholarship

SJSA has established The Ruth ‘Sis’ Frank Performance/Merit Scholarship. Awards are based on student performance through an audition process held in June. Three community leaders who are professionals and educators in the arts judge student works in music, dance, theater and art. Students are awarded Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels which correlate to the amount credited to the tuition for the upcoming school year in the art form for which they auditioned. Students who are awarded must adhere to guidelines and responsibilities during the awardment year to continue as a scholarship student.

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The program is designed to give SJSA full-year students reasonable projects to be completed in exchange for credits toward their study. All students at least 11 years old or their parents may apply for the fellowship study program. The projects include office responsibilities, teaching assistantship, heading up extra-curricular school related projects and instrumental maintenance. Awards are based on students showing responsibility and interest in the arts school. This includes reviewing the student’s past dedication, previous attendance records, teacher evaluations, respect for fellow peers, and a strong sense of leadership. Students will be reevaluated on their commitment and progress in their area of study at mid-year. Registration fees and any supplemental class fees are not included. Students who are given a fellowship-study must adhere to guidelines and responsibilities during the year to continue in this program.

All interested students should fill out an application in the office or download the form below. You must be at least 11 years old. Adults are also welcome to apply.

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SJSA has established Adopt The Future! a sponsorship program that allows individuals, groups and/or businesses to become a parent(s) to aspiring students in the arts, enabling the financial support and encouragement needed.  Personalized updates and student performance invitations will be given periodically to the sponsors so that the “adoptive parent(s)” will see first hand how their donations are benefiting the children of St. John School of the Arts.