Mission Statement

St. John School of the Arts empowers our island’s youth and their families through our passion for music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Our programs seek to instill creativity and a greater sense of collaboration throughout our diverse community. We believe the arts have the power to transform lives and inspire greatness by instilling poise, confidence, and character.

To fulfill our mission, St. John School of the Arts is committed to:

• Providing in-school and after-school programs led by a dedicated, high-performing faculty
• Serving many economically challenged families through scholarships and grants
• Showcasing world renowned talent at our Sis Frank Concert Series with musicians who extend their artistry to our youth through school outreach programs and workshops
• Creating an atmosphere where young people feel empowered to think outside the box and use the arts as a positive form of personal expression
• Demonstrating to the community the high level of talent and personal growth that develops when students are given proper training, mentoring, and encouragement