Summer Programs

A Place to…Just Be You

a musical by Andrea Green

The Rainbow Sea is a story of the power of friendship and community.
When Big fish Blue Lou discovers that he must reject (eat) his
best friend Shrimpy in order to be initiated into the Big Fish Club
he finds himself in a major personal dilemma. Meanwhile a terrible storm
is brewing in the Rainbow Sea and all the inhabitants
must reach out to each other for support and understanding.

REGISTER FOR THE RAINBOW SEA PROGRAM NOW! Download your registration form using the link below and return to our office with the $50 registration fee. Hurry! Space is limited.

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The goal of Young Writers is to create a platform where children can draw on life experiences to write about what they find interesting in their community and the world at large. Our meetings will provide an outlet to share ideas and interests while fostering a desire to be informed about the world. We will encourage the young generation to seek out a passion, and greater role in their lives.

Our goal is to begin with a group of kids ages 11 to 13. We will meet four hours a day (Monday – Friday) for 2 weeks to discuss current events, both in their communities and on an international scale. We will then progress from reading other people’s work, to creating our own. The kids will be encouraged to find something in their community that they are fascinated by and feel needs to be reported on. We will discuss the power of factual knowledge and how kids can have an impact in their communities. Our meetings will culminate with a journal of articles written by the kids in our group. We will publish it online and work to have it continue once the program is over. It will ideally become a consistent source of local and global news written and maintained by teenagers. Our group will go on field trips, have fun, and engage in out of the classroom reporting.

We believe that each person has a right to fair and unbiased news. It is important to impress upon young people the importance of facts and truth in reporting and the strength and power that comes with knowing how to clearly express yourself in writing. We are committed to encouraging a passion for spreading knowledge, ideas, and current events, as well as the drive to write about what you love. We believe that an important part of success in the world is learning to interact with people outside our immediate comfort zone.